Type: Instant Messaging, Organizational, Internal, Communication
For: Citygate Global Investment
My Role: Sole Developer
Status: Inactive

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Description and Features

StaffChat was an instant messaging Progressive Web Application built to enable the hundreds of staff across the over 40 branch offices of Citygate Global, across the country to communicate in real time by chatting. Staff can chat with one another by searching up the name, position or branch name of the other staff member or participate in group chats. The application was developed to ease the burden on the mailing system by facilitating internal communication via the application.

Features included:

  • Staff registration, as long as their names are already in the staff database (anyone else is automatically rejected.)
  • Home screen that shows all messages received or sent by the user.
  • Search feature for users to look up staff to chat with using their name, position or branch name.
  • Group chats, only available to its members.
  • Ability for users to create groups and include staff as members (feature available for management-level staff only).
  • Push notifications
  • Ability to switch chats from the current conversation to chat with other staff or groups.

Technologies Used
  • React
  • CSS
  • Python
  • Django
  • Django REST Framework
  • PostgreSQL
Tools and Frameworks
  • VS Code
  • Bootstrap
  • Git
  • Postman

Documentation and Diagrams

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