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Description and Features

CONSTROMAN is a discontinued cloud-based extensive project management software for construction and civil engineering professionals, to help them plan and organize activities, personnel, resources, financing, expenditures, and more, all for each development of their projects.

CONSTROMAN was available with separate account types for Project Managers and Contractors, each offering different sets of tools to work and collaborate on the same projects.

Features CONSTROMAN allowed users to:

  • Manage per Development (Project Manager) Manage all construction elements including activities, personnel, resources, financing, and more, per developments in their projects.

  • Schedule Construction Activities (Project Manager) Create and schedule construction activities for their projects. Monitor upcoming, on-going, completed and overdue activities.

  • Manage Personnel (Project Manager) Manage all personnel in their project and assign them to activities. (Contractor) Users of CONSTROMAN's Contractor-type account can manager their own information, activities and sub-activities.

  • Visualize Project Data (Project Manager) View project activities and financial information in diagrams, including Gantt, pie and line graphs.

  • Group Messaging (Project Manager) Communicate with Contractors and make PM Actions on them. (Contractor) Discuss with other Contractors and the Project Manager. Respond to PM Actions made on them.

  • View Reports (Project Manager) View and download CONSTROMAN reports containing data and insights on all elements in their project.

Technologies Used
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Django
  • PostgreSQL
Tools and Frameworks
  • VS Code
  • Bootstrap
  • Git

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