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This is the documentation for CONSTROMAN: Construction Project Management Software. This documents the steps in using CONSTROMAN and its features.

Things to Know in Using this Document
  • For all intents and purposes, the terms 'page' and 'section', as used in this documentation, mean the same thing. For example: the Activities section means the same as the Activities page.

  • This documentation is not a FAQ. Please refer to the FAQ page, if you need to.

  • If you need help regarding any issue, please contact support by opening a ticket or send an email to


To begin using CONSTROMAN, head to: If this is your first time using CONSTROMAN, click 'GET STARTED ', otherwise click login in the menu, depending on which account-type you registered with and enter your login details. If you do not have an account, sign up.

Account Types

CONSTROMAN is available for both project managers and contractors, and therefore has two separate account-types supporting each role.

The Project Manager account provides the user the ability to create projects, and in these projects, create developments, add personnel (or alternatively let Contractor-type account users add themselves), add resources and create activities for the developments in the projects. They can also manage financial information that is associated with all other elements in the project, or add undocumented information. In this financing section, they can also specify expenditures and view graphs. The account-type also allows users communicate with Contractors and make special PM Actions.

The Contractor account allows users to connect to Projects created by Project Managers using the projects' IDs. Afterwards, they can include themselves as personnel in the project after specifying tehri roles. They can also add activities to their engagements, allowing them to show up as personnel assigned to activities created by the Project Manager. Afterwards, the contractors can create sub-activities for these activities and set their completion rates, the average of which forms the completion rate of the activity. They can as well, add themselves as users of resources in the project and participate in group conversations with Project Managers. In conversations, they can respond to PM Actions.


All new signups to CONSTROMAN places the user on the 30day free trial with the features of the Basic Plan. After the expiration of the trial period, they will need to upgrade to subscription to continue having access to their accounts. To upgrade, click on Pricing and select the plan you want, and afterwards, make payment.



After logging into CONSTROMAN, you will be taken to the Projects page. Here you will select from existing projects you have created or create a new one. To select an existing project, simply click on the dropdown and select the project which you wish to manage, and then click Manage. You can only manage one project at a time. To create a new project, click on New Project.

Create Project

After clicking New Project, you will be presented with a form to enter information for a new project. Enter all relevant details for the project and ensure all necessary fields are filled. Afterwards click Create Project. After creating a project, you will be taken to the Projects page where you can select the project you just created and begin managing it.


Each development on the site of your project can be managed independently. Create a new development by clicking Add Development at the top left of the Development page. After clicking, you will be presented with a form where you will fill necessary details about your development. Once your development has been created it will show up as one of the developments in the projects in the Development page. If you have assigned activities to this development, the activities will show up in the activities sub-section of the respective development as well as its Activities Calendar.

You can also view charts and graphs of data pertaining to your development. For example, you can view a Gantt chart for all the activities in your development as well as the completion rate of its activities. You can also view a graph of the expenditures and costs for each activity in the development. To make changes to developments click on Edit, otherwise, click delete after selecting the developments you wish to delete to remove them.


In the Activities section of the software, you can create activities for each of the developments in your project. Click Add Activity at the top left of the Activities page. Afterwards enter all necessary information about the Activity including the personnel assigned and the resources used. You do not need to immediately assign the personnel when creating the activities. After adding the activity, it will show up amongst the list of activities in your project. In the development section, it will also be listed amongst activities in the particular development that it is assigned to. In the Personnel section, the activity will be displayed under the engagements of the assigned personnel. It will also be displayed as part of the activities engaged personnel are currently assigned to in the personal subsection of the Overview section of the software.

Depending on the start and end dates of each activity, the activities created will be displayed on the Overview page as either completed, upcoming or overdue. Data on each activity can also be visualised using graphs and charts as part of the development they are assigned to on the Developments page.

Financial information for each activity created will be automatically recorded in the financial section of the software.


Adding Personnel Yourself

In the Personnel section of CONSTROMAN, you can add all personnell involved in your project. By clicking Create Personnel, you will be presented with a form in which you need to enter information concerning the personnel whose data you wish to save and monitor. Personnel that are added will be viewable in the personal section. All personal added to your project can be assigned to. To assign personnel to an activity, please read the Activities section of this documentation.

Contractors Adding Themselves

It is much easier if you have your contractors signed up in CONSTROMAN with Contractor accounts as they can add themselves as personnel to your projects, as well as assign themselves to activities and resources you created. Simply find the ID of your project by clicking Project in the menu. Give this ID to the contrators and they will be able to connect to your project and add themselves as personnel.

All financial information saved for the personnel will be automatically recorded in the Financing section of the software. Added personnel will also show up in the overview section of the software under the categories 'Engaged' or 'Not Engaged' depending on whether the personnel has been assigned to an activity or not.

To edit personnel, click Edit, otherwise, click delete after selecting the necessary personnel you wish to delete to remove them.


Resources such as materials or machinery can also be added to your projects. In the Resources section of the software, click Add Resource. This will present you with a form in which you enter and save information concerning the particular resource you wish to add. Once added, the resources will show up among the list for your project. In creating resources, you can assign personnel to these resources as operators or overseers. Personnel with Contractor accounts can also add themselves to the resources.

All financial information added for your resource will be automatically recorded in the Financing section of the software.

Currently, resources are not kept track of in the Overview section of the website. To edit a resource click Edit or after marking all necessary resources click Delete to delete selected resources.


All financial data for the projects will be auto-recorded in the Financing section. After each element of the project is created, for example: an activity or a personal, the financial data entered for the elements are also recorded in the Financing section. In this section users can add expenditures to particular financial data for elements. Users can also add financial data that are not auto recorded in the software.

To visualise data, click 'Charts and Diagrams' at the top right of the page.

Financial Information

Pertinent financial information is displayed on the page. This includes the overall cost of the project, the available financing for the project and the current balance of the financing. Also displayed are possible cost overruns.

Cost Overrun and Within Budget

When an expenditure is entered for a particular element, if the expenditure exceeds the allocated budget, that element will be marked as a cost overrun. This will add to the total number of cost overruns in the project and will increase the number of overruns displayed in the information table. This can be neglected, however if the amount of overruns in the projects increases to 50% of all elements, a Cost Warning alert will be given.

When expenditures are within the allocated budget, the element to be marked as Within Budget adding to the number of elements within allocated budgets in the information table.

Editing and Deletion

Financial data autorecorded cannot be edited or deleted. The data for the element will have to be changed or the element itself deleted to remove the data. However, financial data entered manually by the user can be deleted.


By heading to the Conversation page in CONSTROMAN, you will be able to communicate with all Contractors connected to your account. You can send a message to the group by clicking New Message and typing in your message.

PM Actions

PM Actions are mandatory actions created for Contractors. You can set PM Actions for specific Contractors connected to your project after clicking PM Action. Once set, all members of the group will be notified of the PM Action and the Contractor it is created for, however, only the Contractor will be able to respond to it. Once created, the PM Action cannot be retracted and will only be canceled after the CONTRACTOR responds to it.


Selecting a project will take you to the overview page. On this page you are presented with a bird's eye view of the various elements you have in your project. This displays the pertinent data you need to keep track of in your project. If you just created a project this page will not have any data.


This categorises scheduled activities into three sections: upcoming completed and overdue. Each section displays the upcoming activities that have not yet been completed, completed activities regardless of whether they are upcoming or not and overdue activities that have not been completed. This is according to the start and end dates for each activity.


This categorises personnel into engaged and not engaged. Engaged personnel are assigned to activities. In this section you can see the personnel that are engaged in project activities as well as the activities they are engaged in. You can also view personnel that are not engaged in any activity.


This section gives a brief summary of all project elements that have been expended on. It gives the details of how much you have spent on each element as well as the total amount of expenditures till date. To see greater information concerning the financing of the project you will need to head to the Financing section of the software.


Charts and diagrams can be viewed in the Development and Financing section of the software.

You view charts and graphs of pertinent data of your development. For example you can view a gantt chart for all the activities in your development as well as the completion rate of the activities. You can also view a graph of the expenditures and costs for each activity in the development.

In the Financing section, you can view a line graph of cost and expenditures overtime on each project element and see which elements have the highest and lowest cost and expenditure in your project.



You can connect to projects created by Project Managers. In this case, the Project Manager would need to give you the ID of the particular project you are to connect to. After receiving the ID, in the projects page for Contractors, click Connect to New and then enter the ID into the field in the box that pops up. If your ID is valid, your account will connect to the project and its name will appear amongst the lists of projects you are connected to. You can then select the project you wish to participate in.


You can add yourself as a Personnel in the projects you are connected to. On initial connections, in the Overview section for Contractors, you will be notified that you are not yet added as a Personnel to the projects. In this case you will need to specify your role before connecting to the projects. Select your role from the available roles in the drop-down list and click the button to add yourself as a Personnel in the project. your information will show up amongst the personnel involved in the project in the Personnel section viewable by the project manager. Only then would you be able to use the features of the Contractor Account. If you were already added by the Project Manager, you would not need to do this.


You can add activities that are created by the Project Manager for the project to your Engagements. This would mean you are actively participating in the respective activity. In this case, go to the Activities page and click Add to Engagements for all activities that apply to you. To remove them from your Engagements, click Remove from Engagements. Activities you are engaged in will show up in the Engagement section of the software.


The engagement page contains all activities that you have added to your Engagements. This will also show the level of completion for each activity as an average of the level of completion of all of its sub-activities.

Creating and Editing Sub-Activities

You can create sub-activities for each activity you are engaged in, and after creation, set the completion status of the sub-activity. The completion status of all sub-activities will influence the overall status of the entire activity. You can also view all other personnel engaged in that activity as team members. In cases where sub-activities were already created by other contractors engaged in the activity, thy will be visible in their respective activities on the Engagements Page. All Contractors engaged in the activity can edit the sub-activities or add new ones. You can also view all other personnel engaged in each pf the activities as team members, however, all team members listed may have CONTRACTOR accounts.


Contractors can also communicate with the Project Manager and other Contractors connected to the project in the Conversation section of CONSTROMAN. The Project Manager will have a special tag identifying him as such.

Responding to PM Actions

You can respond to PM Actions set up by Project Managers. Once Project Managers create PM Actions designated for you, all group members will be notified. However, only you will have the ability to respond to the PM Action. In this case, simply click Respond to PM Action and the said response will be auto-generated by CONSTROMAN and sent to the group.